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Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class with Niamh Condron

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class with Niamh Condron

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Vinyasa Flow Yoga

The Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes I offer, either in groups or private sessions, teach you a way to go inwards into your body where you will find comfort, deep release and a new energy surfacing in your being. 

The methods of teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga that I have developed are to use a combination of Yoga and Pilates style of exercises, combined with a variety of Body Work, Dance and Somatic practices that bring you into the PRESENT moment where your greatest potential for healing lies.

I facilitate you in gaining an understanding in how
YOU can GENERATE JOY from Within YourSELF. The classes you will take with me will increase your strength, flexibility and mobility - in body and mind. In my class you will restore energy and clarify mental focus.

I will be giving you clear postural instructions and I will be guiding you using specific anatomical words so that you learn correct methods for working your body safely into a new strength. My objective to give each student the opportunity to live in their best optimal level of health, finding the CONNECTION of body and mind, and, of breath and heart. 

Vinyasa Yoga is a combination of a focused breath practice with the flowing Asanas, Yoga postures, that assist you in feeling up-lifted and revitalised. Vinyasa Yoga brings an enhanced awareness of your body and space and time, stretching and strengthening your legs, feet, arms, wrists, back shoulders and core.

Vinyasa Yoga is a moving practice, with emphasis on correct physical and anatomical 
alignment, making it a safe method to gain fitness. After my class you will feel a deep release, old energy will have lifted and in place you will feel a new sense of your SELF, ready to step into a new future.

For 25 years I have worked professionally in the field of human anatomy, functionality, mind-body enquiry and transformation. I hold many years of profound study of human movement potential with emphasis on HOW to CREATE positive physical and mental EASE and LIBERATION.

I have travelled globally to research and practice Body Work methods for improving the health, and connection, of the mind and body. My 25 years of training includes Body Mind Centering, the Alexander Technique, Release techniques, Klein technique, Feldenkrais method, Yoga, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Reiki healing and , of course, YOGA! 😊

Excellent combination of exercise, relaxation and regaining inner peace and balance. Absolutely fantastic class! Niamh has this soft and friendly approach. Highly recommend.

Thanks Niamh I feel amazing after that class. A bit rusty and out of shape but you have given me a space in my brain again and a sense of calm thanks so much. I'm delighted you are doing online!

Been a real life line for me! ...having a few set times a week that I get to look after myself is so valuable. And I'm not just ok after, I'm HAPPY!"..."I already feel so much more flexibility in my body after these few classes with you, thanks a lot! 💗

I've taken yoga for 20+ years, in many countries, and I can say that the classes I had with Niamh were of the highest quality. What a treat to have such a knowledgeable, caring, experienced and dynamic teacher. Highly recommended!
Niamh is an excellent yoga teacher. I love her attention to detail and how she is always watching out for correct form from her students. I attend her workshops and always find them excellent. Her classes are always varied and extremely well thought out. I would highly recommend niamh. She is a warm hearted, compassionate and patient teacher.



Yoga is a transformational process for mind and body. The classes I offer are building total body strength while developing correct and efficient postural awareness. Strengthening weaknesses. Access to a deep state of inner peace which makes for a clear, authentic and real experience. 

Creating flexibility throughout the entire body, with use of breath to heighten individual presence. Challenging, yet well assisted and manageable classes, that creates a quiet, focused mind.  

Using Yoga blocks and straps to assist, classes raise body heat while working out every part of the body simultaneously. With gentle corrections you will be guided into correct and safe anatomical alignments where you will train your body to reach your optimal health, strength and vitality.

Look forward to seeing you on the mat!
On-line and In-Person!

- Niamh 


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