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"I'm loving Niamh's style of teaching and by the end of classes my body has gone into poses and stretches I always struggled with, but her explanation of how to do things correctly honestly makes the world of difference, I really love that she talks directly to us in her classes. I will do Niamh's courses in a minute because of how engaged she is with us as well. Thank you am loving the courses. Have signed on for another of her courses. Can't wait 🙏💖" - Celeste Cage, South Africa, 2021

Get Grounded Full Body Flow; 20 Mins Vinyasa Yoga

Get Grounded Full Body Flow; 20 Mins Vinyasa Yoga

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Come onto your mat! ✨✨✨ FREE for you today!

Get Grounded Full Body Flow ✨✨ 20 Minutes Vinyasa Flow Yoga class.


In 20 minutes we will warm up, stretch out and invigorate our bodies in an sweet Vinyasa Flow class. Lengthening important muscle groups and breathing out tensions so that you feel refreshed and comfortable in your body. All Levels ☺️


Try it, if you love it and feel good about it, then go ahead and sign up for monthly membership to access your ALWAYS-ANYTIME Vinyasa Flow Yoga LIBRARY classes.