"I'm loving Niamh's style of teaching and by the end of classes my body has gone into poses and stretches I always struggled with, but her explanation of how to do things correctly honestly makes the world of difference, I really love that she talks directly to us in her classes. I will do Niamh's courses in a minute because of how engaged she is with us as well. Thank you am loving the courses. Have signed on for another of her courses. Can't wait 🙏💖" - Celeste Cage, South Africa, 2021

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Get Grounded Full Body Flow ✨✨ 20 Minutes Vinyasa Flow Yoga class.


In 20 minutes we will warm up, stretch out and invigorate our bodies in an sweet Vinyasa Flow class. Lengthening important muscle groups and breathing out tensions so that you feel refreshed and comfortable in your body.

All Levels.


Try it, if you love it and feel good about it, then go ahead and sign up for your monthly membership of Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes.


Can't wait to meet you! - Niamh

One Minute Tips. Today's Tip is on Chair Pose! 🪑

Chair Pose, which is called Utkatasana in the Yoga Sanskrit language, is a great exercise to get gorgeously strong, toned and grounded in the legs. Did you know, doing it engages the abdominals, and stretches and strengthens the diaphragm - the extremely important breathing muscle in the torso!  


Follow my One Minute Video tip to discover a useful approach to doing this awesome activity 😁

For all Levels

One Minute Tips. 

Today I am giving you a FREE lesson on Plank Pose! ✨✨


Hi and welcome!


In this video, I am guiding you into a safe and effective Plank Pose. If you wanna figure out the best position of your hips for optimal strength in plank, then click the play button now! 


☺️ And it's only one minute long!

For all Levels.

One Minute Tips!Pigeon Pose.

Sometimes you need a little help along the way with your Yoga practice. Practicing can sometimes make you feel tight in areas that you are trying to lengthen. Or you perhaps can't quite get the class ideas to live inside your body as you would like them to. So, that's where my One Minute Tips at Niamh Condron Yoga Studios come in handy. This week I am here to give you a tip about Pigeon Pose. A gorgeous stretch for the hips and lower back.

Follow my One Minute Tip to find out about an easy way to find the best alignment to great into a great hip opening stretch and deep release for the lower back. 

All Levels

5 Minutes to Flow. Let's Go.

Soft flows to ease into starting. Open the upper body. Easy lunges to awaken legs and even our beloved Bow Pose! Enjoy 💛

5 mins

Level 1/2

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Free for you! Enjoy☺️

One Minute Tips! This week it's the elbows.

Elbows in Chaturanga 💪 


Chaturanga means a type of push up but reversed, so more like a push down😁 It's well loved in yoga, but most often practiced incorrectly! It's pretty darn amazing for building upper body strength. It's the action you take to move from plank pose to being on your belly on the mat, or, to move into upward facing dog. This is a great arm and shoulder strengthener, and also works out your back and core.👏 


Follow my One Minute Tip if you want to learn how to do this correctly, to build optimal strength without crunching up your neck or collarbone area. 

All Levels

One Minute Tips! This week it's the NECK!

Are you staring at your phone more than ever right now? Or putting in hours at the computer? If so, you may run the risk of a compromised postural balance in the cervical spine in your neck.🦒 Don't worry! It's easy to rectify a forward head postural habit. It requires a little mindfulness of attention to how you are holding your neck and then creating a new, healthier positioning of the area. 


Follow my One Minute Tip and use it while practising Yoga, and, as much as possible throughout the day. You will bring your cervical spine into a healthy alignment which will in turn create a flow of energy, and much more mobility, through your entire spine. When your neck is aligned efficiently, your central nervous system functions more optimally giving a boost to your immune system!🦒Yes! 👏😁👏

All Levels

One Minute Tips! This week it's FEET!

Sometimes our toes and feet get super blocked, they’re carrying us around all day-every day! 😁 There are many bones in the feet, 26 of them! Plus 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments! The feet need to STRETCH! 


Try this every day, stay for 2-3 minutes and breath into it! Feel the effects in your whole body. Similar to reflexology, when you release your feet, it benefits all major organs in your wonderful body 👏 🙌 👏

Have a gorgeous day!

All Levels

One Minute Tips! This week it's HAMSTRINGS!

When our hamstrings are tight or over worked, forward bending can feel like a real pain in the butt! 😁 Restrictions in your lower back, hips or legs? Find out an easy way to do forward bends while still receiving all the benefits! Seated forward bends make you feel really good and even alleviate depression! They calm the mind and give your central nervous system a natural come down from stress.


Practicing, slowly and steadily, following my one minute video tip, will release your spine, shoulders, belly and back of the legs. Trying Paschimottanasana Yoga pose, 3-4 times per week, will help you sleep better! Now that sure makes it worth doing! 👏💤 🙌 Namaste you guys! 👏

Have a gorgeous day!

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