Great to meet you. Welcome.
I am Certified with YogaWorks, Los Angeles, California, since 2010. I hold a BA and an MA in Dance (1999/2018) and have worked in the movement, and health and fitness sectors, for all my professional life. I've been teaching Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Body Conditioning and Body Mind Releasing for over 20 years and it's been a completely, wonderful journey so far.  I have combined all of my life long professional experiences of Ballet and Contemporary dance, Yoga, Bodywork, Body Release Techniques and Anatomy into the classes I create for you ☺️
I'm from Ireland. Dublin is my first home. My name is Niamh, which is an Irish name. It's actually pronounced Neeve, because in the Irish language the last 'mh' is pronounced like a 'v'.
Throughout my career, I have travelled with my teaching work; all over Europe, and to the USA. It's been an incredible experience up till now, very awakening. I have been invited to be a teacher at various festivals and events, as well as coaching Yoga to the Irish Rubgy team, back home in Dublin.
I am currently a lecturer at the IAB Performing Arts Institute, in Barcelona, Spain. I teach on the BA course there; Body Conditioning, Yoga and Pilates. The facilities are gorgeous and it's a total joy to teach the actors and dancers studying there.
I've been teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga in many countries. I've taught in many Yoga Studios; in Ireland, Spain and California, as well as in my own studios and settings. I've been a teacher of Body Work and movement in a number of Dance Centres, and, I've worked as a trainer for Professional Dance Companies. 

Pilates, Barre and Body Conditioning are an important part of my work and I often combine these practices to create interesting and upbeat classes. Designing classes and sequences is super exciting to me, my dance background always lends a hand in that.
All my life's experiences of anatomy, human movement and body work merge to create your Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Ballet Barre Pilates and Body Mind Releasing classes. I wholeheartedly look forward to working with you and sharing the transformative moving-practices energy with you.

My aim is for you to find my classes accessible, uplifting and rewarding 😊 I welcome you to discover tools that will guide you towards self development and revitalisation while building a stronger and healthier body and mind.
Teaching is my passion. Teaching is my joy. My gift to you is this. I hope to share this passion and joy with you. I wish for you is to experience the joy of your beautiful, moving, strong body ❤️
See you on the mat real soon,

- Niamh💗

"I highly recommend the classes of yoga with Niamh. I liked her specific instruction and her authentic understanding that each person's abilities are different and she differentiates her instruction to suit each individual."
- E Meneguel, 2020

"I love Niamh's one on one class. In her individualised class I get 100% attention to the areas that need improvement. NIAMH is very intuitive, gentle and ultra professional. I feel always amazingly restored after a session with her. 10 from 10 stars 🌟😇🙏✨"

- N Pappi, 2019