Designed to enliven and invigorate body and mind. 


Through Yoga sequences we strengthen and lengthen all areas of the body.


Breath and movement increases heat, elevates your mood and brings a sense of inner peace and calm.


The beauty of Vinyasa Flow Yoga is that you are continuously making new movement patterns in your body that realign your posture towards optimal health.


Your inner body becomes cleansed and functions efficiently which then aids sleeping. 


Your muscularity gets toned and conditioned. Vinyasa Flow Yoga gently stretches the body to make it more supple and extend it's range of movement.


This type of body work improves your over all sense of well-being and draws you deeper into who you really are.  Through the ancient movement sequences of Vinyasa Flow Yoga you connect to your higher self and become more aware of all the many layers of your unique nature.

Flowing movement with specific instructions on alignments and body positions. Using Yoga equipment such as Yoga blocks, straps and bolsters. The equipment assists your practice. 


Helps recovery from injury and illness and paves the way for a joyous experience of living.

Sunway Yoga Sitges

Om Shanti~Namaste