Your Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

Your Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

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"I can highly recommend Niamh’s Yoga Flow classes, with excellent results 🥰🙌🏻. With Niamh's help my flexibility in hips & sholders have increased massively! Above that, this class is grounding me both mentally and physically, and helping me to grow spiritually. 🌈 I highly recommend Niamh, she is a truly professional teacher, looking out for each and everyone of us to be safe" - E Dahlberg, 2021 - Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Live Online with Zoom

"Honestly, I'm so surprised how I'm finding these lessons. The level is perfect for what I was looking for. I just mentioned to a friend how I end up feeling so much pleasure. The pace is SO good that it gives me enough time to become fully aware of my muscles but also keeps a steady flow that pushes the muscles to work. I go to sleep eager knowing that next morning it's yoga time. Thank you, Niamh!" - Flora Gomez, 2021

"thank you for this private session. You gave everything; Passion, Empathy, Compassion and your Healing Spirit. I felt so relaxed and light afterwards. 10 years younger. Thank you” - C Leibl, 2021 - One-to-One Body-Mind-Releasing.

Library. Pick your class for today!

Library. Pick your class for today!

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"I've been doing a Library class twice a week, every week, since September, and love it so much. They're brilliant and get me through the week" - J McMahon, 2021

Your anytime-anywhere, 24/7 access, to the Class Library with more than 50 classes to choose from...


NOW is the time to learn how to Generate JOY from Within.
Going inwards and cultivating happiness within yourSELF is more accessible than you might think. To start with you must decide that you want to take some time out each week to work on your own personal transformation. By taking regular yoga class you are making the first step towards creating your own inner peace. 

There is a possibility to feel JOY in your body, mind and thinking. Once you believe this you are open to learning how to let go of old tensions that you no longer need to live by. I teach three all-levels classes per week, on Zoom, my goal being to assist students in realising that JOY is easily and readily discoverable - through a combination of moving, breathing and the awareness of the body in space and time.
I teach one In-Person class, the schedule is below.

I hope you will join me, let us work together towards self liberation and freedom in 2022.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Niamh Condron, Certified Yoga teacher since 2010.

Monday 7pm CET/6pm IRE - Zoom Online
Wednesday 7pm CET/6pm IRE - Zoom Online
Thursday 10.30am CET/9.30am IRE - Zoom Online
Plus, an Always-Anytime Access to the online Library of over 70 pre-recorded Vinyasa Flow classes.
Wednesday 10.30am CET - In Person, Outdoor class, in Sitges, Barcelona.

Click to join. Make 2022 a year to remember, by stepping into your body and generating JOY from Within.



Zoom is a secure way to participate in class from the comfort of your own home.
One Minute Video. Live Class!

One Minute Video. Live Class!

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