"I highly recommend the classes of yoga with Niamh. I liked her specific instruction and her authentic understanding that each person's abilities are different and she differentiates her instruction to suit each individual. I really enjoyed the Tea and talk today and the introduction to Ayurveda, Yoga session followed by Niamh and Dee’s teas which were totally amazing!"

Eli Meneguel, Unique Gifts, Sitges, February 2020

2020 | Sitges, Barcelona |

Niamh Condron's method of Core Power Vinyasa Yoga is a combination of Yoga and Pilates style of exercises, combined with specific bodywork practices.


The classes increase strength, flexibility and mobility. Niamh's method restores energy and clarifies mental focus. In class you will receive clear postural instructions. 


You will be guided with specific anatomical advise to learn correct methods for working your body strongly and safely. Niamh's objective to give each student the opportunity to live in their best optimal level of health, in body and mind. 

For over 20 years Niamh has worked professionally in the field of human anatomy, functionality, enquiry and health. She holds many years of profound study of human movement potential with physical and mental transformation. 


Niamh travelled globally to research and practice anatomical and philosophical methods for improving the health of the mind and body. Her training includes Release techniques, Klein technique, Feldenkrais method, Yoga, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Reiki, BodyMindCentering and the Alexander Technique. 

"I love Niamh's one on one class. In her individualised class I get 100% attention to the areas that need improvement. NIAMH is very intuitive, gentle and ultra professional. I feel always amazingly restored after a session with her. 10 from 10 stars 🌟😇🙏✨", Nina Pappi, Sitges, October 2019

Hello and welcome!

I hope to meet you in class soon!


I am a Certified Yoga teacher and I combine all my life long professional experiences of dance, bodywork and anatomy into my classes. Throughout my life journey, I have personally experienced intense and dramatic physical and mental transformation, uplifting and renewal through the methods I have chosen to study and focus on. 


My aim for you is to find my classes accessible and rewarding. Through my teaching methods, I welcome you to discover tools that will guide you towards self development and revitalisation while building a stronger and healthier body and mind.

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Membership availability for 2020.

Unlimited Monthly Class Pass €50

4 classes per week held on;

Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10 - 11am

Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7 - 8pm

Location; Studio Levantina, La Levantina, Sitges, 08770

niamh@niamhcondron.com / +34 666760679


All levels classes.


Know this -

Yoga is an exciting and ancient physical form of body and mind development. You must respect your body, nourish it and work to reach your healthful potential so that you participate in life in a positive way. You are the creator of your life! I will help guide you into good physical shape with a rested mind so that you can continue to shape your life path with purpose and clarity.


Look forward to hearing from you. And even more so, to working with you.




"As a yoga instructor, Niamh has an amazing talent of creating challenging yet enjoyable yoga classes.  My flexibility, range of movement & posture have all improved.  The practice offers not just a great work-out but it helps you find inner peace & calm,"  Catherine Griffiths, Bray, Ireland. 

"Excellent combination of exercise, relaxation and regaining inner peace and balance. Absolutely fantastic class! Niamh has this soft and friendly approach. Highly recommend." Mariia Rudenko, Sitges, Spain

Niamh Condron BA MA

Yoga Certified teacher with YogaWorks, Los Angeles, California since 2010. BA Dance from Northern School of Contemporary Dance, UK, since 1999. MA Dance from IAB Arts Institute Barcelona since 2018.

A 20 year career in dance, yoga and transformative practices.

Niamh is a lecturer at the IAB Performing Arts Institute Barcelona, teaching Yoga, Pilates, Body Conditioning and lecturing on Health for Dancers. For 20 years, working globally with individuals and groups teaching Yoga, Pilates, Ballet and Creative Dance for kids.

www.thistorsion.com. Niamh has worked professionally as a director, teacher, choreographer and dancer. Since 2001, she established and became the artistic director of This Torsion Dance Theatre. Between 2005 - 2008 Niamh worked as the artistic director of Vibrate International Dance Festival. 

Niamh founded Sunway Yoga Sitges in 2018 and in 2019 renamed her work Niamh Condron Yoga. Niamh is currently the yoga teacher with Barcelona Bootcamp and travels to Ireland regularly to teach her yoga masterclasses.

Niamh is a mother, a nature lover, an artist, a book lover and totally passionate about personal and universal evolvement, expansion and transformation.

Om Shanti!

Core Power Vinyasa Yoga

Niamh Condron's method is a transformational process for mind and body. Building total body strength while developing correct and efficient postural awareness. Access to a deep state of inner peace which makes for a clear, authentic and real experience. 

Creates flexibility throughout the entire body with use of breath to heighten individual presence. A challenging, yet well assisted and manageable class, that creates a quiet, focused mind.  

Using Yoga blocks and straps to assist, class work raises body heat while working out every part of the body simultaneously. With gentle but firm hands on corrections you will be guided into correct and safe anatomical alignments where you will train your body to reach your optimal health, strength and vitality.


The class increases overall awareness of your self and your environment so that you experience the world around you with joy, compassion and understanding.


See you in class soon!

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