Vinyasa Flow in 20 Mins
Live Stream On-Line, Class Library and In Person Pool-Side Yoga 
All @ Niamh Condron Yoga Studios!
Sitges, Barcelona
☀️ *SPECIAL* SUMMER SIZZLER OFFER! *Available till August 31st 2020☀️

Sign up for August and this is what you will get;

  • a password key to unlock access to my class Library on my website; this is 24/7 availability to all the yoga classes, for you at home! Each video is labelled with length and description, to choose whether to concentrate on the legs, or feet, or arms, or core, or, to relax, to stretch out, for example.

  • also; if you're in Sitges, you'll get 2 In Person classes with me per week, these are at the Studio if you'd like to attend (one of these is the Monday evening live streamed class)

  • and then there’s; 4 Online Live Streamed classes with me per week, in case you do make it to class on time! These are to do at your home, or wherever you want, with set times on Zoom (one is also the In Person Monday eve class, Live Streamed). Times are; Monday & Wednesday @ 7pm, Tuesday & Thursday @ 10am. CET Central European time

Vinyasa Flow Yoga @ Niamh Condron Yoga Studios

ALL week - ALL month 🤩

Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes. All Levels. 
Have you tried one of my free classes yet?
Choose between a  5 to 30 minute class and go for it!  

When you subscribe you'll get UNLIMITED access to 24/7 possibilities to Vinyasa Flow Yoga! 
Imagine knowing you got a Yoga class at hand whenever you darn well want it! While you are on holidays or on a work trip, or on your lunch, you can do your practice! In your own space, and, at ANY time at all in your day? How good would that be?!  It would be pretty amazing, right? 

I am offering you all these possibilities at Niamh Condron Yoga Studios.

Just €50 per month! Normal price value €100 per month. 
You are getting a 50% reduction for the Special Summer Offer!☀️
Classes are one hour long and scheduled in CET Central European Time.
1. Monday Evening - 7pm Pool-Side/Live Stream
2. Tuesday Morning - 10am Live Stream
3. Wednesday Morning - 10.30am Pool-Side
4. Wednesday Evening - 7pm Live Stream
5. Thursday Morning - 10am Live Stream
See you on the mat! 
- Niamh 😊
"Thanks Niamh I feel amazing after that class. A bit rusty and out of shape but you have given me a space in my brain again and a sense of calm thanks so much. I'm delighted you are doing online!"

"Been a real life line for me! ...having a few set times a week that I get to look after myself is so valuable. And I'm not just ok after, I'm HAPPY!"..."I already feel so much more flexibility in my body after these few classes with you, thanks a lot! 💗".

"I've taken yoga for 20+ years, in many countries, and I can say that the classes I had with Niamh were of the highest quality. What a treat to have such a knowledgeable, caring, experienced and dynamic teacher. Highly recommended!"


“Niamh is an excellent yoga teacher. I love her attention to detail and how she is always watching out for correct form from her students. I attend her workshops and always find them excellent. Her classes are always varied and extremely well thought out. I would highly recommend niamh. She is a warm hearted, compassionate and patient teacher."

Special €50 Offer applies but, BEWARE, August is the last month for the €50 monthly deal. Grab it while it's going. 
*From September 1st 2020 new monthly rates will apply.

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