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I can tell you that having Yoga in my life has steered me clearly and calmly through the kaleidoscope of parenthood! Yoga has kept me balanced! During the challenges, and unbeatable joys, of being a mother, yoga has always been there as a way to come home.

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Core Power Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic Yoga class to set your body and mind into top gear!

Every Monday and Wednesday at 7-8pm
Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10-11am
(CET Central European Time).

Subscribe to my class if you are looking to create routine in your life. Or if you want to create strength, peace and longevity of body and mind.

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"Thanks Niamh I feel amazing after that class. A bit rusty and out of shape but you have given me a space in my brain again and a sense of calm thanks so much. I'm delighted you are doing online!".

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"Been a real life line for me! ...having a few set times a week that I get to look after myself is so valuable. And I'm not just ok after, I'm HAPPY!"..."I already feel so much more flexibility in my body after these few classes with you, thanks a lot! 💗".

See you on the mat!

Smile, be safe and breath DEEPLY,
Niamh Condron Yoga ❤️

Hi! 👋 I am a Certified Yoga teacher since 2010! I trained with YogaWorks in Los Angeles, California! And, I am a professional dancer since forever! I combine all my life long professional experiences of Ballet and Contemporary dance, yoga, bodywork, release techniques and anatomy into my Core Power Vinyasa yoga classes ☺️.


Throughout my life's journey, as a dancer and yogi, I have experienced intense and dramatic physical and mental transformation. I have discovered liberation and renewal, through these methods that I have chosen to work with, study and stay focused on. This, I wish to share with you so that you too can experience the joy of your beautiful, moving, expressive body ❤️.


My aim for you is to find my classes accessible, uplifting and rewarding 😊 Through my teaching methods, I welcome you to discover tools that will guide you towards self development and revitalisation while building a stronger and healthier body and mind.

"I highly recommend the classes of yoga with Niamh. I liked her specific instruction and her authentic understanding that each person's abilities are different and she differentiates her instruction to suit each individual. I really enjoyed the Tea and talk today and the introduction to Ayurveda, Yoga session followed by Niamh and Dee’s teas which were totally amazing!"

Eli Meneguel, Unique Gifts, Sitges, February 2020

"I love Niamh's one on one class. In her individualised class I get 100% attention to the areas that need improvement. NIAMH is very intuitive, gentle and ultra professional. I feel always amazingly restored after a session with her. 10 from 10 stars 🌟😇🙏✨", Nina Pappi, Sitges, October 2019

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LIVE! On-line! Core Power Vinyasa Yoga

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