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"I love Niamh’s Yoga classes! Having practiced yoga for many years in many different countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Edinburgh, London, etc), I was so happy to discover Niamh Condron Yoga. The level of difficulty suits both beginners and advanced, and are very well balanced, with a lovely mix of deep stretching and restful relaxation. Niamh‘s classes are supportive, gentle and well structured, leaving me feeling completely uplifted, clearer headed and feeling positive. My lower back pain (old injury) has been much more manageable too! I highly recommend Niamh Condron Yoga", A Williams, 2020

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I offer two types of Private, One to One, classes ☺️

One is Vinyasa Yoga Flow Training and the second is Body Mind Releasing.
Yoga Flow Training combines Yoga and Pilates, focusing on strength and mobility throughout the body. I guide you to release gathered stress and towards correcting postural habits. ☝️ Precision is important when building muscle strength! This can be useful when rebuilding after an injury, or, simply for injury prevention.

Using a combination of Yoga, Pilates and a number of bodywork practices, I will help you achieve a pain free, stronger and healthier body and mind. With gentle hands on corrections and alignment guidance, I will teach you how to use your body efficiently in order to gain optimal strength and flexibility without applying unnecessary pressure. I will work with your unique anatomical structure including your strengths and weaknesses to develop a personalised work out plan for you that will help you recover from any injuries or traumas that your body may still hold.

I will help you release emotional tension and I will work through the physicality to teach you the greatest methods to develop your highest potential for being in a strong body that is mobile, calm and energetic.

Body Mind Releasing is hands-on body work that loosens and removes stress from deep tissues in the neck, shoulders, chest, hips, stomach and legs. There is some participation involved in Body Mind Releasing; breath work and perhaps some moving, depending on clients needs. You are fully clothed as you receive this.☝️Soft, nourishing and restorative!

“I highly recommend Niamh for her yoga stretch massage; Body Releasing class. I suffer with neck and back problems and even after my first session I was already feeling the benefits. It is carried out on a mat and all you need to do is relax and breath into the stretch while Niamh works out those aches and pains. In the beginning I couldn’t bend down with ease but by the end of the session my body was able to flow more naturally ☺️”
A Constable, 2021


"I used to have horrible pains in my lower back at night, and two years ago, I found the cure @Niamh's yoga classes. After each class, I always end up feeling calm and relaxed, and my body is streched one centimiter more then the week before. I love her personal training and her 3 hours workshops that she treats us with every now and then. Just a perfect way to finish up the  week-ends. Some well spent mummy time!  Looking foward to more," M Ivancic, 2019

Times can be arranged to suit your schedule.

I welcome you to join me in the process of Yoga transformation!
Om Shanti! 

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