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Hello! Thank you for coming! I Welcome you!
My passion is your awareness of how to Generate JOY from Within YourSELF!
Niamh 🥰

"Today was really enjoyable. It was the highlight of my day. So thank you a million times for doing this and being such a beautiful person!"

"I already feel so much more flexibility in my body after these few classes with you, thanks a lot! 💗".  

Happy student testimonials 2021 :-)

I am a mother, a nature lover, an artist and a book lover. I love to be deep in the forest where it still and silent, yet I also am a huge beach fan and love the sounds of the waves! I love the work of Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer. My favourite ballet teacher was the late Augusta Moore. I could stare at Joan Miro's work for hours. My Yoga teacher trainer was the incredible Martha Graham dancer, Los Angeles based,  Annie Carpenter and she paved the way in my life by creating a huge turning point for me in 2010. As a Contemporary Dance artist, I tuned into a new awareness of the body and developed a great LOVE for yoga teaching and philosophy.
I practice yoga, 3-4 times per week, usually for 75 minutes or so...sometimes through strong physical work, sometimes through restful Yin style bodywork. I listen to my heart. I have a LOVE for LIFE and cultivating PEACE from within. I allow my intuition to guide me. I love to teach and share the transformational process of yoga. I welcome you to join me! My aim is to guide you into your body-love-yoga-joy!



I am a Certified Yoga teacher with YogaWorks, Los Angeles, California since 2010 ❤️ I hold a BA Dance from Northern School of Contemporary Dance, UK, since 1999 and an MA Dance from IAB Arts Institute Barcelona since 2018.

I have a 25 year career in dance, yoga and transformative body/mind practices.

I am a lecturer at the IAB Performing Arts Institute Barcelona. I teach Yoga, Pilates, Body Conditioning and I lecture on Health for Dancers. For 20 years, I have working globally with individuals and groups teaching Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, Contemporary dance practices and creative dance for kids ☺️. I have worked professionally as a director, teacher, choreographer and dancer. In 2001, I established and became the artistic director of This Torsion Dance Theatre. Between 2005 - 2008 I created and worked as the artistic director of Vibrate International Dance Festival. 

I am thrilled to share what I have discovered as amazing tools for releasing tensions and building happiness! I am happy to help you find ways of being in the experience of your body in a healthy and joyful way!

Om Shanti!

See you on the mat!

With love 💗

"thanks Niamh I feel amazing after that class. A bit rusty and out of shape but you have given me a space in my brain again and a sense of calm thanks so much. I'm delighted you are doing online!"

"I am so grateful for these classes and the effort you are putting into them'"....  

Happy Students Testimonials 2020 :-)

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