Vinyasa Flow in 20 Mins

LIVE! On-Line @ Niamh Condron Yoga Studios 2020

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Core Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga
FOUR classes - Every week - All month

My classes are suitable for all levels, you don't need to be a pro at Yoga!

You just need a willingness and a want to create a better experience of your body and your health.  

Join me!

😊 When you sign up with me you'll get UNLIMITED access to ALL CLASSES - ALL month. 

That includes any Bonus FREE for Members (€10 for non-members) classes that I run through the month.

Membership to LIVE Online classes is just €50 per month.

You can also opt for RECORDED CLASSES and get access to the entire library of pre-recorded classes!

Practice when and where you like! Also for just €50 per month.

If you want both, that's an option too! Just €100 per month to have the possibility to join me LIVE, or/and, choose to access the library!

FOUR LIVE classes EVERY week;

Every Monday, and, Wednesday at 7-8pm
Every Tuesday, and, Thursday at 10-11am
(CET Central European Time).

Subscribe to my class if you are looking to create a healthy routine in your life. 

Or if you want to create strength, peace and longevity of body and mind.


Head on over to my Tips! and FREE classes page to find some handy bits and bobs to try out NOW!

My passion is your health!


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"Thanks Niamh I feel amazing after that class. A bit rusty and out of shape but you have given me a space in my brain again and a sense of calm thanks so much. I'm delighted you are doing online!".

It's easy to join with zoom

I will send you the links to join the classes and off we go into health and vitality!


"Been a real life line for me! ...having a few set times a week that I get to look after myself is so valuable. And I'm not just ok after, I'm HAPPY!"..."I already feel so much more flexibility in my body after these few classes with you, thanks a lot! 💗".

See you on the mat!

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LIVE! On-line! Core Power Vinyasa Yoga

@ Niamh Condron Yoga Studios

Unlimited Monthly Class Subscription

Membership for UNLIMITED access to FOUR Core Power Yoga classes, per week, for the entire month is €50 per month.


Membership for the LIVE classes, PLUS access to all the monthly recordings is €100 per month. So you get to repeat classes as many times as you like! When you like!

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