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Your Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

Your Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

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"I can highly recommend Niamh’s Yoga Flow classes, with excellent results 🥰🙌🏻. With Niamh's help my flexibility in hips & sholders have increased massively! Above that, this class is grounding me both mentally and physically, and helping me to grow spiritually. 🌈 I highly recommend Niamh, she is a truly professional teacher, looking out for each and everyone of us to be safe" - E Dahlberg, 2021 - Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Live Online with Zoom

"Honestly, I'm so surprised how I'm finding these lessons. The level is perfect for what I was looking for. I just mentioned to a friend how I end up feeling so much pleasure. The pace is SO good that it gives me enough time to become fully aware of my muscles but also keeps a steady flow that pushes the muscles to work. I go to sleep eager knowing that next morning it's yoga time. Thank you, Niamh!" - Flora Gomez, 2021

"thank you for this private session. You gave everything; Passion, Empathy, Compassion and your Healing Spirit. I felt so relaxed and light afterwards. 10 years younger. Thank you” - C Leibl, 2021 - One-to-One Body-Mind-Releasing.