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Stories Untold, Always Unfold in the Body

Vinyasa Yoga, Body Conditioning, Dance, Creation, with Niamh Condron

Artistic Director of This Torsion Dance Theatre

Certified Yoga Teacher with YogaWorks

BA/MA in Dance

Lecturer at the IAB Performing Arts Institute Barcelona



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Going inwards and cultivating happiness within yourSELF is more accessible than you might think. To start with you must decide that you want to take some time out each week to work on your own personal transformation. By taking regular yoga class you are making the first step towards creating your own inner peace. 

There is a possibility to feel JOY in your body, mind and thinking. Once you believe this you are open to learning how to let go of old tensions that you no longer need to live by. My goal is to assist students in realising that JOY is easily and readily discoverable - through a combination of moving, breathing and the awareness of the body in space and time.

Join me, let us work together towards self liberation and freedom in 2023.

SATURDAY MORNINGS - 10.30 to 11.30am, in Levantina, Sitges. All Levels Vinyasa Yoga class 


Plus, an Always-Anytime Access to an online Library of over 70 pre-recorded Vinyasa Flow classes that I have personally created and designed to suit your needs and for a glowing you!

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Make 2023 your greatest year, by stepping fully into your body and learning how to begin generating JOY from within your own moving body. Connecting breath, mind, emotions and movement.

I look forward to working with you,

Your Always-Anytime Yoga class Library

with over 70 classes to practice along with